hello pogo!

a revolution to the meaning of clean

POGO is an innovation, harnessing the power of physics to bring you an invention that crushes expectations and makes it easier than you can imagine to brilliantly clean and sanitize all your floors with one machine.

POGO’s patented physics breakthrough: “harmonic-vibration” and microfiber combo crush cleaning!

POGO is the first, patented, all-surface floor cleaning machine to use the combination of powerful “harmonic-vibration” and the proven attraction-physics of microfibers.

POGO’s engineering harnesses the centrifugal forces of counter-oscillating digital-motors to produce the amazing cleaning power of “harmonic-vibration” —a physics phenomenon that would make Einstein jealous. Combining that with the electrostatic attraction properties of the 75 million microfibers in our hi-tech POGO microPADS makes POGO a force to be reckoned with.

It’s not clean unless it’s POGO clean.

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